Planned UpdatesEdit

This is a list of updates that are currently planned for the website:

Version Title Date Update Information

Version 00.010.01

Quest Fields 11/31/2013
  • Adds the following to this wiki's categories: Quest Fields, QuestsClient Orders
  • ForestVolcanic CavernsDesertTundraSubterranean TunnelsFloating ContinentRuinsSanctumCoastQuarry, and Seabed will be added under the Quest Fields category.
    • Adds:
      • Biographical information for each quest field's page.
      • High-resolution screenshots of each quest field.
  • Arks Quests and Exploration Quests will be added under the Quests category.
    • Adds:
      • Two tables that contain all Arks Quests and Exploration Quests, respectively.
      • Information about each quest will be added on separate quest pages.
  • Administrator Koffie will be added under the Client Orders category.
    • Adds:
      • A table that contains all of Administrator Koffie's Client Orders.
      • High-resolution screenshot of Administrator Koffie.